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10 divorced celebrities in Ethiopia

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Trapped in their ethnic politically-endorsed racial isolation bind with no decisions anyway to surrender for the craving of the people, their senseless conflict TPLF is authentic philosophical gathering is a juvenile, most ideal situation or restless in any event not to recognize reality and dismantle a Mafia affiliation assuming the presence of a sole philosophical gathering that addresses Ethiopians in imagine ethnic Tigray Region of the nonexistent Federal Revolutionary Democratic Apartheid arrangement of Ethiopia organized and realized at weapon point by TPLF warlords themselves.

Take for instance TPLF Mafia’s new boss and imagine Federal Minister of Communication and Technology Debretsion Gebremichael that went through his entire adult time on earth in an ethnic politically-endorsed racial isolation fairyland of making Tigray Empire out of the remaining parts of Ethiopia. Of late, in disobedience of the PM of his own social event; he is lying in the organization change to end TPLF authority and exclusion against the people of Ethiopia. Incorporate his stateless assistant Berket Simon that had been assuming the presence of a high positioning delegate of the Federal and ‘Amhara Region’ for 27 long years crying guiltless of his infringement to show how TPLF warlords and their proxies are removed to the reality facing them in a country they would prefer not cherish and hate again.

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