10 female perfume must haves

And one of the most appealing aspects of perfume is that it genuinely does provide something for everyone and every situation. Most of us wouldn’t wear the same perfume on a crazy night out with friends as we would on a Sunday brunch with our grandma, and you don’t have to with so many options. The fragrance world is your oyster.

It can be difficult to narrow down your top few options because there are so many various fragrances, formulas, and varieties to pick from. But the good news is that fragrance is one of those things where you either love it or detest it right away, with very little in between.

“One of the strongest things connecting us to memory and attraction is our sense of scent,” says Ross Barry, Atelier Cologne’s national perfume artist. “It’s worn out of a nostalgic spot so often.” It brings back a memory for us, and there’s a comfort in it.”

Fragrance, according to Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest New York, just makes you feel good and can have the similar effect on those around you. After all, fragrance has an effect on not just the person who wears it, but also on everyone else who comes into contact with them. “Indulging in a lovely aroma elevates my spirits and the spirits of everyone I come into contact with.”

There are a few crucial factors to consider before we go into our favorite perfumes from top perfume manufacturers.

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