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10 invents on weddings

Wedding entertainment ideas have changed a lot over the years, and they can really make a wedding stand out for guests. Not only will good entertainment keep your guests entertained throughout the reception, but it will also serve as an important icebreaker. Because you’re likely to have guests who aren’t acquainted with the others in attendance, engaging activities will encourage your guests to mingle. Include live music at your wedding reception to give your guests the feeling of being at a concert! Pick a band or genre that isn’t your typical wedding band or genre. Choose a retro funk band or a vintage jazz band. Bring your theme to life by hiring a band that matches your outfits, décor, and overall look. Yes, you read that correctly: give your guests the best of both worlds by performing live renditions of their favorite tunes. A saxophonist could provide the perfect counterpoint to your favorite tunes, adding a funky, soulful vibe. Add some percussion, singing, or other brass instruments to a normal DJ’s set to amp up the excitement. If possible, match the live element to your chosen concept — an electric guitarist, for example, would be perfect for an industrial-chic wedding. While wedding photo booths have proven to be a terrific way to create lasting memories, why not add a little flair with a mirror? This classic’s reflected appearance is an unexpected approach to modernize the experience. For an easy and universally enjoyable activity, dress up the tiny photoshoot with themed props or an exquisite backdrop. With a small-scale ferris wheel, you can bring all the fun of a carnival to your wedding day! A ferris wheel will also make for a great photo opportunity for your friends and family, as well as for your lovely couple shots. Take your guests on a trip down memory lane with this upmarket take on a classic. With an improved, classy inflatable, guests won’t feel like they’re at a kids’ birthday party, and it’s also a certain way to get the party started. A reception caricature artist is the ideal wedding entertainment for the artsy couple. You can easily create a station for the artist away from the hustle and bustle of the dance floor that also serves as a break space for your guests. Caricatures are a fun, low-key pastime that can also double as a personalized wedding treat — get creative with a bespoke border that includes your names and the wedding date, and even give digital downloads.

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