10 little things that make you shine

One of our loyal readers recently said that she isn’t gorgeous, and that one remark got me thinking about all those makeup pieces I’d written. I never said makeup and clothes define us, ladies. We discuss them since they are a part of our everyday life. So, wherever you are, honey, you were correct in one thing: no makeup will make you attractive. But only because there’s nothing that can make you any more gorgeous than you already are. Personality is akin to a fingerprint in that someone else has one that looks a lot like yours, but it’s not exactly the same. Your will to learn, honesty, the way jokes always sound amusing when you deliver them, and the impulse to talk incessantly are all qualities you possess. When you are pleased, upset, startled, or in love, you can’t see yourself, but those around you can see how beautiful your eyes are. They speak for themselves, not because you use a lot of mascara or makeup. I didn’t realize how significant this was until my fiancé confessed that the first reason he knew I was the woman of his dreams was because of my eyes. He stated, “Anyone may dress up to look like a lady,” but “no amount of money can purchase decent manners and ladylike behavior.” This female I know, for example, is living proof that she is attractive only when she does not move, speak, or even breathe! It is true that good manners make a difference. People are drawn to them.

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