10 reasons for hair fall and easy solutions

A specific quantity of hair should fall out every day. Hair loss that is more noticeable than typical can be upsetting and worrying. There are a number of additional causes of hair loss in addition to male and female pattern baldness. Before proposing the right course of treatment, a doctor will want to investigate them. Another name for male- or female-pattern baldness is androgenetic alopecia. It is a major contributor to hair loss. Male and female pattern baldness are also hereditary conditions. Males frequently have hair loss in their crown and temple areas. Hair often gets thinner all over the head in females. Although it can begin at any time after puberty, androgenetic alopecia is more likely to occur as a person becomes older. After going through menopause, many females who get androgenetic alopecia begin to experience it. This indicates that hormones might be involved. A medicine for hair growth called minoxidil may be used to address this issue. Shortly after having birth, some women may have substantial hair loss. A drop in estrogen levels is to blame for this. This form of hair loss is transient and typically goes away in a year or less.

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