10 twins that amazed the world

Brothers Billy and Benny McCrary, who are from Hendersonville, North Carolina, claim the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest twins ever. The twins weighed 723 and 745 pounds, respectively, at age 32. Each had a waist measurement of 2.13 metres. They became well-known for their “Tupelo Splash” and “The Steamroller” finishing manoeuvres while competing as a tag team. Billy tragically passed away in a motorbike accident in 1979; Benny continued to live until 2001. The brothers are currently interred next to one another in front of an appropriately colossal gravestone. We’ve all heard bizarre tales about siblings who were split up at birth, but this one is really amazing. Everything started when a screenshot of Anais Bordier’s lookalike from a YouTube video was emailed to her by a friend. Samantha Futerman was identified as the girl after considerable investigation by the French girl residing in London. When Anais and Samantha finally spoke on Skype, they discovered they had a lot in common, including having the same mother. The identical twins, who were adopted at birth by two different families, have now been reunited thanks to social media. A documentary titled “Twinsters” was released in 2015 and told their amazing tale.

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