10 uniquely beautiful people in the world

All sizes, shapes, hues, and forms are beautiful. It is not about perfection or societal norms; rather, it is about truly being who you are every day and attempting to love yourself from the inside out. We have long challenged the traditional definition of beauty. While some of us possess a genetic gift that is difficult to dispute, it is a contentious endeavor to determine who is the most attractive or aesthetic. Shelbia, who was born in Nahariya, has appeared on the list on multiple occasions, making her debut in 2017 at number 14. She remained in the top five for the next three years, but in 2020, the Israeli model has surpassed her. “I have never been first in anything… Shelbia, who is presently performing her necessary military service in the Israeli air force, told the Times of Israel that the experience was “quite pleasant.” Lisa (Lalisa Monoban), a Thai rapper and part of the girl group Blackpink, ranked second on the list of the Most Beautiful Faces in the World for 2020. Lisa, like Shelbia, has a number of influential endorsements in the cosmetics and beauty industry. After modeling for ads, the Blackpink member became the official brand ambassador for the South Korean company Moonshot in China in 2018. Lisa is also the inspiration of Hedi Slimane, the artistic, creative, and image director for the French luxury label Celine.

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