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10 world’s wealthiest animal by rank

S$5,000 was fined on Wednesday (July 28) to an elderly woman who left her dog in a pink carry-on bag at an elevator lobbies.
Pet ownership was also suspended for a year for Tan Siew Hoon. In her neglect, Miko the dog had become an old man by the time he was 16 and couldn’t open his eyes, had overgrown nails, and no teeth. Even though she had no desire to care for Miko following her husband’s death, she admitted that she had “doted on a lot” about him previously. Before leaving it in the lift lobby of a public housing building, she also said she fed the dog. In the early morning hours of October 15th, Tan allegedly placed the black poodle cross carrier bag next to a waste bin in the ground floor lift lobby of the Hougang housing building where she lived. When the dog went missing, she didn’t report it and didn’t make any effort to find it. National Parks Board prosecutor Packer Mohammad told the court that “it was obvious she intended to abandon it permanently” when she left. Animal and Veterinary Services received the dog’s report right away. As soon as they woke up that morning, the SPCA came to its aid and took it into foster care.

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