100 beautiful braided protective styles for women

Any style that minimizes manipulation and tucks the hair’s ends away is considered protective. Our hair’s ends get a reprieve from bad weather thanks to protective style. Our fragile ends are tucked hidden in these fashions, which typically bundle the strands together. According to Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care, this provides them with “safety in numbers.” Our hair is less likely to tangle and snag on clothing or accessories when we wear it in protective styles. As the strain points on our scalp shift, preventative style benefits our hairline and roots. Protective hairstyles are a crucial component of maintaining healthy hair. No matter the season, they ought to be a part of any natural hair wearer’s style rotation. They shield hair from harsh winds, rain, snow, and chilly air during the colder months. If you engage in water sports during the summer, protective styling helps you avoid sun, wind, and water damage. The expansion and contraction brought on by varying weather conditions weaken the hair by wearing down its fibers. Damage results from this, and length is frequently lost. Protective hairstyles promote visible hair growth while keeping hair healthy. Remember when your mother insisted you wear those six plaits with ornaments to school rather than wearing your hair out? That was protective styling, I suppose. Protective hairstyles include buns, plaits, chignons, cornrows, Bantu knots, and two-strand twists. Low-maintenance hairdos fall within the category of protective hairstyles. These are hairstyles that hide hair and don’t need everyday maintenance. Braids, flat twists, faux locs, cornrows, and wigs are a few popular low-manipulation hairstyles.
Your hair routine must include prepping your hair in preparation for wearing a protective style. The first step in preventing breakage is to make sure the hair is clean and clear of any product buildup from the past.

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