11 remedies to get rid of bad armpit odor

When we perspire a lot in a hot, enclosed space, we occasionally feel self-conscious and worry that we might smell. It might not be totally correct, but it happens to everyone and shouldn’t really worry you. Contrary to common assumption, sweat is not the only cause of body smell. Even if you perspire a lot, you won’t smell terrible. The inverse is also true; you may not sweat at all yet still have an odour coming from your armpits. The interaction of bacteria with sweat on your skin is the main cause of the odour. If the odour from your sweaty armpits is overwhelming you and you’re wondering how to get rid of it permanently, we have a few ideas and tactics that can help. You could possibly stop sweating by blocking your skin’s pores with green tea. You can take a few green tea bags and soak them in warm water, as we normally do when brewing tea, to utilise green tea to prevent dirty armpits. Take the tea bags out and place them under your armpits for a few minutes when they have warmed up to room temperature. This cure may work well if used regularly to treat smelly armpits. Citric acid, which is present in lemon juice, destroys the germs. You can squeeze a lemon, then combine the juice with water to treat odorous underarms. You can use a spray bottle to apply this lemon juice.

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