11 things to avoid to keep your kidney healthy

Living an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet may help to prevent kidney issues. But, certain elements can raise your risk of kidney injury or illness. Your kidneys are two fist-sized organs that are situated on either side of your spine near the base of your rib cage. They carry out a number of tasks. Most importantly, they clean your blood of waste materials, extra water, and other contaminants. Your bladder stores these waste materials, which are later eliminated by urine. Your kidneys also control your body’s pH, salt, and potassium levels. They also create hormones that control the synthesis of red blood cells and blood pressure. Furthermore, a form of vitamin D that aids in calcium absorption for bone growth and maintaining muscular function is activated by your kidneys. Your entire health and wellbeing depend on maintaining kidney health. By maintaining healthy kidneys, your body will correctly filter and eliminate waste and create hormones to support optimal body functioning. Exercise on a regular basis benefits more than simply your waistline. It may reduce the chance of developing chronic renal disease. Also, it can lower blood pressure and improve heart health, all of which are crucial for avoiding kidney injury. Kidney damage can occur in people with diabetes or another illness that raises blood sugar levels. Your kidneys must work harder to filter your blood when the glucose (sugar) in your blood cannot be used by your body’s cells. This can result in damage that is life-threatening after many years of effort. Kidney injury from high blood pressure is possible. The effects on your body can be severe if high blood pressure coexists with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol.

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