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12 things that makes you less respected at a party

Office etiquette has some generational differences. Some people have endured the test of time. Many of the behaviors you exhibit at home or with friends may be inappropriate at work. The issue is that when people are uncomfortable, few will speak up. They’ll merely put up with it in public and take notes. Offenders make the mistake of being ignorant or believing they got away with acting badly. Then you start to question why it’s so difficult to persuade others to support you or follow you in significant situations. You might find your weekend party selfies and in-depth dating antics entertaining and innocent. However, if you divulge too many details and events, people might think you’re narcissistic and overly dependent on attention. Even worse, any inappropriate stories show off your inexperience and carelessness. Leave people wanting more at all times. The simplest way to judge is to tease a story and then watch to see if they request more information. It’s beneficial to work in a setting where airing your complaints is welcomed and encouraged. However, some people whine about almost everything without genuine cause. Don’t let a bad attitude or even a bad day prevent you from becoming more popular and successful. Pick your battles and be a fixer, or find a useful outlet for your frustration. Some individuals believe that a small white lie is acceptable. I assume that everyone embellishes their resume. Wrong! Many individuals actually hold the opinion that lying is never acceptable. The same rules apply to taking supplies or office knickknacks that aren’t yours. Small-scale unethical behavior is still unethical behavior, and if others see you openly breaking the law or the rules in small-scale ways, they will assume that you are also unethical in larger-scale situations.

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