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14 beauty hacks if you don’t have time

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Anyone can appreciate a beauty trick. Time, product, and frequently money are all saved. In my 15 years as a beauty writer and editor, I’ve discovered my fair share of time- and life-saving secrets, from the advantages of frequently changing your pillowcase to limitless applications for a simple salve. After all, the more you know. Use alcohol every day to clean your sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, and smartphone. In addition to preventing acne outbreaks where the soiled object or glasses rest on the skin, this will help destroy any bacteria and keep individuals with acne-prone skin (hello, me).
Regularly replace your pillowcases. I always sleep on one side of the pillow and switch after every sleep because I prefer to have clean skin on a new pillow. I switched, and my face breakouts have decreased since (dirty pillowcases can cause some serious pimples). In the shower, brush your hair with a wet brush. The mane is altering. It will spread the conditioner equally and take care of tangles and knots. In addition, my hair air-dries with more body, and I no longer need to brush my hair after the shower. Apply a dryer sheet to frizzy or static-filled hair and run it through the strands. Seriously. It takes away static and gives day-old hair a pleasing smell. inadequate slumber or under-eye bags? To reduce puffiness and promote blood circulation under your eyes, place a spoon in the freezer and hold it there. Always effective. If you still use shaving cream, consider using conditioner. It enhances moisture and provides an amazingly smooth shave. Additionally, there is one fewer item in your tub or shower. Apply a multipurpose salve to your cheekbones, brows, and eyelashes for a subtle sheen and a quick glow-up. When I’m not in the mood to go all out on mascara and brow products, I apply to my brows and lashes to give them a shimmering sheen.

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