15 foods that fight untimely aging

As we age, the foods we eat can have a significant impact on our health, attractiveness, quality of life, and risk of sickness. To age gracefully, our bodies need on a range of nutrients. Some vitamins and minerals, such those that support healthy skin, may help to lessen the symptoms of aging. It’s important to keep in mind that eating particular foods won’t make you seem younger and that good aging is only one aspect of nutrition. However, increasing your intake of nutrient-dense foods might improve your overall health and appearance as you age. Extra virgin olive oil is among the world’s healthiest oils. It has a lot of antioxidants and healthy fats, which can help lessen the inflammation and oxidative damage brought on by an imbalance of free radicals in the body. Extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants such tocopherols and beta carotene as well as phenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. A 2012 study found that people with a diet high in MUFAs from olive oil had a decreased risk of developing severe skin aging. According to the researchers, this effect was probably caused by the anti-inflammatory properties of MUFAs and antioxidants present in olive oil. Since it is less processed and contains more antioxidants than other methods of extraction, choose cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It works well as a dip or in a salad. Numerous antioxidants included in green tea may help the body fight free radicals. Unstable chemicals known as free radicals are created when cells function normally. They may also develop in response to environmental factors like cigarette smoke or ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Free radicals can damage your cells when they are present in large quantities. In this, antioxidants play a part. Free radicals are stabilized by these molecules, which stops them from doing damage.

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