15 kinds of guys to keep yourself away from

When we navigate through Tinder, we wish these guys didn’t even exist. You’ll be prepared to keep your distance and not get your hopes up with this comprehensive list of the top 15 men you should avoid! These individuals won’t be The One! This guide covers everything, from how to identify the different types of guys to when they might start to show real feelings for you. Just be careful who you chat to on those dating apps because it’s so simple for people to hide their true identities and hide behind a screen in modern society. This type of guy combines all the negative traits of the other individuals on the previous list. He only wants more and more, and then some more! You should avoid this type of person because, despite his outward appearance of kindness and charm, he will repeatedly let you know that he has only one desire, exposing his actual nature. I’m sure you can guess that one is physical. He’s most likely one of the most typical. This guy gives off the impression of being the type of person who has their entire life planned out. You are aware that is practically not possible! However, they give the impression that they are in charge of everything and that they don’t let anyone or anything stand in their way—and yes, a relationship is one of those things. You should avoid the guy who proudly embraces the mystery label because he will always try to keep his identity a secret. Dealing with someone who is constantly trying to prove something while simultaneously being extremely cryptic can be frustrating.

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