15 world’s scariest place

smack dab in the center of Turkmenistan, a flaming hole. a church constructed of human bones not far from Prague. In a little Japanese community, there are approximately ten times as many life-size dolls as people. Our earth may be large and beautiful, but it also contains plenty of unsettling and enigmatic locations that are just waiting for the next morbidly inclined tourist to pay them a visit. These are some of the most terrifying places on earth, from snake-infested islands to amusement parks with hellish themes. The North Yungas Road, which runs at a height of more than 15,000 feet in the Amazon rainforest, is a perilous route that connects La Paz with Coroico, Bolivia. It is simple to understand why this 50-mile stretch of roadway has been given the moniker “The Death Road” when you take into account the terrifying elevation, in addition to the 12-foot-wide single lane, absence of guardrails, and constrained visibility owing to rain and fog. The North Yungas Road once saw 200 to 300 fatalities yearly, but it is now more of a haven for daring mountain bikers than a traffic artery. Nagoro is a little Japanese village with one extremely distinctive characteristic: a life-sized doll population that is nearly ten times larger than the human population. Tsukimi Ayano, a resident, created the doll copies of her neighbors after they passed away or moved away. The unsettling doubles can be seen all throughout the town in a variety of settings, including elderly couples relaxing on benches outside of buildings, students filling full classrooms, and fisherman lounging on the bank of a river. Nagoro is now a strange and rather creepy toyland, with over 350 dolls and 27 breathing humans (the youngest is over 50).

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