3 thing women do that drive away their husbands

We’d all be more aware of how our actions and words affect one another if we could all see through the eyes of our partners. Our relationships would be so much healthier and happier if we had that insight and made some behavioral modifications. and would be far more durable.
You treat him as though he were a child. If there’s something your boyfriend said or did that you don’t like, talk to him about it—kindly, plainly, and politely. As if you were an adult. Do not chastise him as if he were a tiny child.
You don’t beg for assistance. This is a significant issue. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness, for women. Men can’t read your thoughts, so be upfront and ask for assistance when you need it.
You don’t believe he can look after himself. Don’t be a martyr and do everything for your partner, then get upset when he doesn’t do the same for himself. Trust that he’ll take care of himself on his own timetable, in his own way.
You seek his input before insisting on doing things your way. Respect what a man has to say if you want his advise. You don’t have to do everything he advises, but ignoring his advice will make him go.
You irritate him. No amount of nagging will get a man (or anyone) to do what you want. It’s inconvenient. It irritates a man. Make a specific request instead. Tell him what you’re looking for. Tell him why you’re interested in it. When you’re ready, let him know.
You treat him as if he doesn’t have any feelings. Men, of course, have emotions. Some are better at expressing them than others. It’s emasculating to treat a man like a feeling-less Neanderthal. Recognize his emotions. Be patient with how he communicates himself, especially if it’s not the same as how you do.

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