4 everyday mistakes that are harming us

When you make a mistake in front of others, they usually bring it out right away. Our bosses, husbands, children, and even the Target cashier who informs us that our coupon has expired correct us. While these gaffes are embarrassing, they aren’t the only ways we make mistakes on a regular basis. Indeed, behind closed doors, we all make a slew of mistakes, ranging from little culinary gaffes to significant blunders that could jeopardize our whole health. Continue reading to learn about the common blunders you make and how to swiftly correct them.

You’re undoubtedly washing your hands frequently during the day—in fact, the National Cleaning Institute estimates that 50% of Americans wash their hands more than 10 times per day. However, 73 percent of those persons wash their hands for less than 20 seconds, and a 2013 Michigan State University study found that only 5% of those monitored cleansed their hands correctly.

To be extra safe, moisten your hands first, lather with soap, spend at least 20 seconds washing them together, rinse with clean water, then turn off the faucet with your elbow.

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