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40/60 three bedroom condominium house winners

The experiences of countries that are running substantial affordable housing projects are chronicled in a series called Housing Practices. It is a flagship series developed and maintained by UNHABITAT’s Housing Policy Section that provides authoritative and objective documentation of state-of-the-art affordable housing initiatives in developing countries. In contrast to employing theory or abstract models, Housing Practices emphasizes the necessity for concrete recommendations on housing programs that are based on experience. Each chapter analyzes in depth a single housing “best practice” program that has yielded significant results. A condominium, also referred to as a “condo,” is a substantial building complex made up of individual, independently owned apartments. Ownership typically involves a nonexclusive interest in a specific piece of “common property” that is managed by the condominium. In a condominium, routine maintenance of the complex, such as lawn care and snow removal, is often managed by a board of unit owners.

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