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40/60 two bedroom condominium lottery winners

A series called Housing Practices chronicles the experiences of nations that are carrying out extensive affordable housing programs. It is a flagship series created and produced by UNHABITAT’s Housing Policy Section, which offers authoritative and unbiased documentation of cutting-edge affordable housing programs in developing nations. Housing Practices emphasizes the need for practical advice on housing programs based on experience rather than drawing from theory or abstract models. Each volume comprehensively examines one “best practice” housing initiative that has produced notable outcomes. A condominium, commonly known as a “condo,” is a sizable building complex made up of independent apartments, each of which is owned separately. Typically, ownership includes a nonexclusive stake in particular “common property” that is under the supervision of the condominium. A board of unit owners typically manages everyday operations of the complex, such as lawn care and snow removal, in a condominium.

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