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5 behaviors in men that makes them attractive to women

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Straight males, be sincere. You all want to know. These studies are usually short and rely on self-reported feelings in a lab setting, which may not accurately reflect how women respond in everyday situations. Additionally, the participants are frequently Western college students, a demographic that is not particularly varied. So use caution while interpreting the results. what women desire Fortunately, numerous scientists have expressed the same curiosity. Men, I have some rumors for you. There are some subtle qualities about you that women find attractive, and many men do not understand why. Scientists still don’t fully comprehend the complexities of romantic attraction. However, they have developed numerous theories regarding what attracts one individual to another through research and experimentation. Men tend to focus on things that many women may not find as important. According to a 2010 research of 3,770 heterosexual adults, women frequently like older guys. The women claimed that when their financial independence increased, their liking for older males increased as well. They also frequently possess greater resources, which allows them to establish themselves both professionally and financially and also results in less turmoil. Most women prefer beards, although others still prefer it cleanly shaven. Something to touch, hold, and lay on his chest.

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