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5 Ethiopian musician who got a million birr agreement international organization

Having been founded in 1965, EMA is one of the nation’s oldest professional associations. From 1990 to 2004, it experienced a comparatively long period of obscurity and silence before resurfacing. It reassembled its 233, dispersed members, and applied to be registered as a professional society. Its main goal is to represent the interests of its members, which can include assisting them in reaching fair agreements for their recordings, actively seeking out strategies to help them maximize the value of their contributions, and persistently advocating for the best legal framework to safeguard copyright and recording ownership. Among the goals EMA has long supported and is actively involved in are a dedication to increasing industry standards and elevating professional musicians to the forefront of cultural life. Additionally, the EMA’s 720 members use it as a crucial forum to work together to secure better protections. Additionally, it hosts the many categories of the yearly Ethiopian Music Awards. They are involved in a significant amount of profiling and record-collecting in an effort to bring performers who have long been out of the spotlight back into it. They want to start a music collection as well, if they can get help from their partners.

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