5 kinds of woman you shouldn’t marry

If you’ve been dating for any amount of time, you probably already know that there are many women out there that would make a terrific spouse and that no two women are alike. Unfortunately, not all the women you meet will be wonderful. It’s enough to mention that there are many different kinds of ladies you shouldn’t wed. You shouldn’t even date them, in actuality. Although you have complete freedom in how you conduct your dating life, it’s a good idea to steer clear of relationships with people who will ultimately cause you stress. Here are some women who may initially seem wonderful but who will ruin your marriage. Even more mature women can harbour wounds from failed marriages or serious relationships, but uncertainty in younger women is frequently brought on by inexperience and insecurities left over from high school or college. The insecure lady will require ongoing assurances that you value her. She thrives on your approval, so you’ll need to tell her repeatedly that you find her exceptional, that you love her, and that you think the world of her. Simply put, dating an insecure woman drains your emotional reserves. Avoid partnerships with insecure women of any age if you want to spare yourself a lot of needless heartache. If you’re in a sexual relationship with a woman that has no restrictions but you’re yearning for more, forget it.

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