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5 most influential Ethiopian women

Women role models have defied odds and gone above conventional expectations in a variety of fields, including science and athletics. These are some of the numerous Ethiopian women who have awakened early and slept late, braved to journey into the unknown, and demonstrated that women can achieve great things by allowing themselves to dream large. Meaza’s interest in human rights concerns began at a young age, when she rebelled against the current quo anytime she sensed injustice. She was arrested twice for standing up for what she believed in, once for refusing to chant a slogan and the other for refusing to cook for male students in a camp. It’s unusual to hear a female captain’s voice over the Ethiopian plane’s speakers. It’s Amsale Gualu’s voice, who will go down in Ethiopian history as the first female captain and the country’s sixth female pilot. Her lifelong fascination with flying began when her father would take her and her brothers to airports once a week just to watch planes take off and land. Amsale took an entrance exam for the aviation sector as a college student studying architecture but failed. She retook the exam as a senior and acquitted herself admirably.

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