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5 places you should avoid visiting

In the center of Turkmenistan, there is an eternally burning pit. A church made of human bones in Prague. A tiny Japanese village where life-size dolls outweigh the humans by roughly ten to one. Although we live in a vast and beautiful globe, our planet is not without its share of terrible and enigmatic locations just waiting to be discovered by the next morbidly minded tourist. These are some of the scariest places in the planet, from hell-themed amusement parks to snake-infested islands. If you enjoy visiting haunted locales, prepare to add to your paranormal bucket list. You’re still at the proper place if you only want to read about them from afar. There’s no shortage of frightening scenes and sightings on this planet and beyond, from Japan’s Aokigahara, also known as Suicide Forest, to Mexico’s Island of Dolls. Take a look at the most terrifying ones, many of which you may see in person…if you dare! Oh, and if you like gazing at weird yet gorgeous sites that may or may not be haunted by ghosts, you might also check out these most beautiful abandoned spots in the globe. The seven-story Ch√Ęteau de Brissac, one of France’s tallest castles, is claimed to be home to the “Green Lady,” King Charles VII’s illegitimate daughter, according to the castle’s website.

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