5 reasons men pursue you when you pull away

Let’s be honest: no matter why they are withdrawing from you, it will always feel like a kick in the teeth. In a romantic setting, giving someone space or withdrawing is probably going to come across as rejection. He may begin to doubt his own abilities and the bond between you two. Maybe that’s what you want if you feel like you haven’t gotten enough from him? Removing from a guy has a genuine possibility of hurting him. If he was feeling confident before, taking a step back will probably make him feel much less sure of himself. And that will probably affect his self-assurance. When a woman withdraws, there are instances where it makes a man want them even more. There are instances when individuals just want what they believe is impossible. And sure, some guys do love a good pursuit. A girl appears less focused and driven if she expresses excessive interest in them. However, the moment she retreats, they seem to pick up the pace. The issue with this type of guy is that he seems less interested in you the more open-minded you are. But he wants you all of a sudden when you stop being interested. And that might be cause for concern. Everything suggests that the man is emotionally distant.

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