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5 signs he is in love and addicted to you

Many of us have preconceived notions about what love ought to be, look like, and feel like. Many times, these concepts are just incorrect (we can thank romantic comedies for that). As a result, some of us might be unable to spot the genuine article when it is presented to us. Perhaps it’s because of these lofty ideals of love that have been placed in our brains, but it might also be a result of having walls up because we’ve been hurt too many times and are unable to give or receive love because of those barriers. The idea is that love is a difficult concept. A person can profess his love for you while not really feeling it, or he might really care for you but not be ready to express it. Love, as lovely as it is, can also be frightening, and many of us maintain our guard until we are confident that he feels a particular way in order to avoid being hurt. As the saying goes, be sure there is someone there to catch you before you fall in love. The issue with this is that you can no longer be present in the relationship if you get preoccupied with attempting to determine whether a man loves you. You are unable to connect because you are mired in your own anxious thoughts, which breed anxieties and concerns that eventually prevent you from finding love.

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