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5 signs that reveal he is a marriage material

You’ll receive a million different replies if you ask a million people what qualities make a man a suitable spouse candidate. However, there are a select few traits and qualities that practically everyone looks for in a potential spouse, defining a guy as hubby candidate. is, by definition, someone you’d deem suitable for living out the rest of your days with. What, however, qualifies a man as a potential husband? Are excellent husband characteristics inherited or learned?
Well, some men take their relationships more seriously from the beginning. They don’t go on dates to have fun and move on to new relationships as soon as things get boring. They work hard at their relationship because they want to get married and to get through difficult times. On the other side, some guys might enjoy dating but detest the thought of getting married. They might enjoy living together and cohabiting with their spouse, but they don’t want to get married right away. It could hurt your heart if you want to be married someday and have even planned a wedding in your imagination, even though they undoubtedly have their reasons and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to get married. So, early on in the relationship, you should look out for clues as to whether the person is a good candidate for marriage or not. No matter how physically appealing he may be, a guy who doesn’t respect or treat you properly and only shows up when it’s convenient isn’t a good candidate for a spouse. Additionally, it depends on the qualities you seek in a man. The ideal husband may not be what your best buddy thinks it is. He deserves a shot, though, if he’s responsible, stable, doesn’t fear commitment, and ready to stand with you someday at the altar (or wherever you choose to get married).

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