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5 things never to do while taking a shower

We’re not just talking about what might occur if you and your partner decide to spend some quality time in the shower together. Unbelievably, each time you enter the bathroom to clean up the steam, your safety is at risk. Avoid performing these wet maneuvers to avoid harm and humiliation. Avoid using hardwired phones, baths, video games, computers, hand-washing dishes, showers, and other household activities. Lightning can hit a power line or the ground and come through your pipes, explains Cooper. The dose is still enough to shock you and break any electronics even if it is far from your home. According to a study from the University of Colorado in Boulder, potentially harmful bacteria are present in over one-third of showerheads. That is because they have numerous crevices that make for the perfect home for microorganisms. You can disinfect them with bleach, but the bacteria will ultimately grow again. Another issue is that high-efficiency showerheads emit aerosol, which is water that typically has harmful microorganisms and can enter your deep lungs. Use a showerhead that simulates rain or remove it entirely to use a single stream of water. Although loofahs are excellent for sloughing off dead skin and exfoliating, they are also laden with bacteria. You should wash yours once a week, either in the dishwasher or with a soak in diluted vinegar. After a shower, squeeze it out and hang it up to dry as much as you can. Additionally, if you decide to use a washcloth instead, be sure to clean it once a week.

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