5 things that you didn’t know about Aster Aweke

Ethiopian singer Aster Aweke performs in Amharic. Aster’s voice has gained more widespread public recognition, particularly going back to her track “Abebayehosh” in Ethiopian New Year and 1990s singles. Her two albums from 2006, Fikir, and 1999, Hagere, are her most well-known works. She left Ethiopia in 1981 to immigrate to the US, and she left again in 1997. 1959 birth year in Gondar. As a young girl, she relocated to Addis Abeba with her father, a top official in Haile Selassie’s imperial government. The Amhara people are Aster’s native race. In a 1990 interview with Amy Duncan of The Christian Science Monitor, Aster discussed how her parents resisted her desire to pursue music: “Despite my family’s objections, I persisted in moving forward. That is how I live. Despite everything I tried, music always makes me happy.” Aster enjoyed listening to artists like Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Bizunesh Bekele, Tilahun Gessesse, and Tilahun Gessesse outside. She made the decision to join the Hager Fikir Theatre when she was thirteen and put on an audition by singing Bizunesh’s song to join the theater as a dancer and vocalist. She performed in clubs in Addis Abeba while she was a teenager with well-known bands including Shebelle Band, Roha Band, Ibex Band, and Hotel D’Afrique Band. Bizunesh Bekele progressively affected her approach, and she sang Aretha Franklin and Donna Summer songs. With the publication of her debut album in 1977, she launched her solo career. Three other albums were released that same year. She relocated to the country in 1981. She briefly attended Northern Virginia Community College, specializing in computer science, as well as formal musical education, which she developed a dislike to. She temporarily resided in the San Francisco Bay Area of California before moving to Washington, D.C., two years later. She played in bars and restaurants while she was living in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

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