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5 things to know about mensur Jemal

I was born in Ilibabur’s Becho kebele and attended primary school there before attending high school at Metu High School. After graduating from high school, I immediately began my own company. After doing some business in Metu and my hometown, I came to Addis Ababa in search of new opportunities. I’ve directed films and started a few of companies. However, I relocated to Italy, Norway, Uganda, and Indonesia because the environment was not appropriate at the time (my second home). I’m a prosperous businessman who wants to be the president of Ethiopia. I own businesses in a number of industries, invest in a variety of businesses, and help those in need. It’s a pleasure for me to work with clients who are led by affable and effective leaders. Based on my lifetime of experience, the government and other bureaus have recognized me for providing great services to my community.

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