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5 things you need to stop using now

Lipstick testing at a Sephora or department store without thoroughly sanitizing the lipstick with isopropyl alcohol is just plain unsanitary. By swiping the stick on your fingertips, you can avoid testing on your lips. Compared to the back of your hand, it fits your lips more comfortably. Additionally, it’s polite to clean the lipstick’s tip before giving it to someone else to use. Before you throw out that lipstick you truly don’t like, stop and think. You can mix lipsticks you don’t like to make a great lip color, as many beauty editors will tell you. Next time, give it a shot; you could be pleasantly surprised. By lining your lips with a darker lip liner before applying any bright hue, you may tone down the color a bit. There’s no need to leave a lipstick mark on the rim of the glass to let everyone know which one is yours. Before sipping from a glass, covertly lick your lips to avoid it. It truly does function. Lipstick that doesn’t wind up in you will end up on your cup or your husband’s cheek (as crazy as that seems). I remember reading years ago that the average woman uses 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. There is no need to worry, though. Lipstick’s components are broken down by stomach acids and won’t hurt you. You’ll want to use this brilliant tip every time if you want to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth. Simply insert your index finger into your mouth after applying lipstick, then draw it out. Your finger will pick up any leftover lipstick rather than your teeth.

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