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5 things you should do during full moon

The universe urges us to pause and consider what we are generating in our life every 28 to 30 days. And it accomplishes this via the monthly full moon rising. According to astrology, a moon phase starts with a new moon and ends with a full moon, therefore the end of the lunar cycle is when the seeds of intention you sow (consciously or unconsciously) are beginning to grow. It almost seems as if the world is telling us to take a break—or at least slow down—for a few days in order to better understand the road we are on and, if necessary, rectify it. Full moon rituals—the way you choose to spend this full moon—should seem a little decisive and introspective because full moons are about endings. Focus on what you did, where you were, and how you spent the most recent lunar cycle rather than rushing into the next new thing. Which seeds did you plant? What advantages have you gained? What should you hold onto and what should you let go of? The best full moon rituals entail evaluation, appraisal, cleansing, and recharging. Enjoy the peace for a time, and then reserve your enthusiasm for the upcoming new moon. Light and dark energy typically build up significantly before the full moon. This makes it the ideal time to cleanse your home, body, and mind; get rid of any built-up energy you don’t feel like capturing, harnessing, or hanging onto; or otherwise release.

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