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5 way men feel when you ignore them

Each person has a distinct temperament that is influenced by their personality, environment, and particular method of processing and accepting emotions. Therefore, when someone ignores them, everyone responds differently. Do you believe that ignoring him will increase his desire for you? When a good friend gave me this tidbit of dating advice and said, “Ignore a guy and he’ll come running,” I used to think the same. He didn’t ask for my attention when I ignored him, though. He didn’t rush over. He actually took off running in the other direction. I came to the conclusion that situations like that only arise when the guy enjoys a good chase. It only works when the person you’re attracted to ignores you and you feel the same way about them. This is probably his first thought when you ignore him, in case you’re curious. He might assume that you are stranded at work or experiencing a family emergency. This is particularly true if he is aware that he is dating an independent woman, is aware of your job, and is aware of how diligent you are. He might simply assume that you are preoccupied and won’t hold it against you if you ignore him. He’ll assume you’ll contact him again once you’re free.
He will contact you more than once if he believes you to be busy. If you continue to ignore his calls and messages, he will assume that you are purposefully not responding to his texts. If you are wondering whether he will leave you alone if you ignore him, know that it will take more than that for him to show any interest in you. If you don’t want to see him again, be clear about it. Inform him that you don’t want to be in a relationship with him in any way.

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