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How can I then develop my acting? Well, there are four main ways to improve as an actor: work, study, life, and practise. After a thorough discussion of each, you can focus your time on the topic that most interests you. Contrary to popular belief, becoming better is not a gradual, ongoing process, thus it’s crucial to first understand HOW people learn and improve before moving on to the specifics. The majority of people actually learn things in a stair-step method, whereby they make little to no progress for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden, there is an EXPLOSION, and they suddenly become much better. Working on each of the aforementioned actions items for two to three weeks could result in a huge breakthrough. Run scenarios with your pals for entertainment. Put on a play or a show with your friends in a group setting for entertainment. Blocking exercises and tips on how to collaborate with other actors will be available. If you have a second person, they may monitor your performances and provide feedback or direction, which can help you become more adept at following instructions. Over the course of a month, get together with your buddies and practise a scene at least twice. Recording and analysing your own monologues is recommended. Your character study, audition, and memorising skills will all increase as a result of practising monologues. You can watch it back and analyse it if you set up a camera and film yourself.

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