6 Ethiopian celebrities and their luxurious homes

“Home is where the heart is,” they say. It turns out that home is not only where the heart is, but also where much more is. Numerous pieces of recent research suggest that the appearance of your home—its color, the pictures you hang on the walls, the degree of cleanliness, and its overall organization—can reveal a great deal about your personality. Consider your refrigerator as an example. Even though you might not give it a second thought, experts claim that doing so shows that a person is outgoing and enjoys entertaining. your bed, too? You probably enjoy your job if you’re one of those people who makes their bed before leaving for the day. But there’s more! Continue reading to discover all the facets of your personality that visitors will notice as soon as they enter your home. Contrary to common belief, it turns out that those with the most orderly homes also have the messiest sock drawers. A lot can be learned about a person’s personality and biology from their sock drawer. Having studied temperament, The Builder type, who tends to be organized, conventional, deferential to authority, and detail-oriented, has the messiest sock drawers, in my experience. These so-called builders are too preoccupied organizing other aspects of their lives to concentrate on organizing their sock drawer, for example. The gardener and the entire scene surrounding him are in good spirits. According to a Gardeners’ World magazine study, compared to just two-thirds of those without a green thumb, 80% of people with gardens are content with their lives. In addition, 90% of respondents said that gardening makes them feel better. It involves sharing the joy it brings and the knowledge it contains.

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