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6 place to have beautiful wedding

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re a meeting planner or executive who wants your team’s business retreat or conference to be a huge success. Bend’s business meeting alternatives are as diverse and unique as the landscapes that surround us, thanks to its central location in Oregon. On the Deschutes River, do you want a small, private team retreat space? That’s taken care of. With beer on tap and vistas of the Cascade Mountains, how about an elevated experience? Yes, we have it as well. Are you looking for a large conference or convention facility with breakout rooms? Are you planning a wedding and want the venue views to be as lovely as your partner? That’s right, we’ve got it as well. Bend is ready to host your team, your wedding, or your event, with unequaled access to the outdoors, an easy-to-reach local airport, and all of the resources of a medium-sized city. Bend’s conference spaces and hotels are only a three-hour drive or a short flight away from Portland and Seattle. Once you’ve arrived, our award-winning restaurants and breweries can cater to almost any catering or hospitality need.

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