6 reasons for smelly under wears

It’s common to have some sort of vaginal odour. There is probably nothing wrong with the way your vagina smells, in spite of all the advertising that tries to convince you otherwise. You should be able to expect to have some sort of vaginal odour, which is entirely natural. And no, it’s unlikely that smell will be a field of wildflowers. It’s not a perfume counter; it’s a vagina. One of the greatest ways to eliminate odours is to use a cup of baking soda. It neutralises odours by absorbing them through its porous structure. Using distilled white vinegar to eliminate unpleasant odours is also a great idea! There are numerous types of odours that vinegar’s acetic acid can assist get rid of, including mildew odours. Although it may seem unusual, air drying clothes can aid in the elimination of odours. Many odours can be eliminated by natural UV rays, particularly those from sweaty clothing that contains odor-causing microorganisms. Simply place them on top of a window sill or hang them indoors close to a fan if you don’t have a way to get them outside into the open air. Clothes can get smelly for a variety of reasons, but the most frequent ones are mildew and bacteria. Bacteria are living things that feed on the cells in your skin and hair follicles and flourish in moist settings. They will consume clothing or towels if they are enclosed in them until nothing is left.

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