6 strength you should look in a man you want to marry

The reasons we fall in love may be a mystery, but the ones that keep us there are much easier to pin down. Because of this, I suggest establishing a few resolutions this New Year’s concerning the qualities we seek in a love partnership. Although there may not be a perfect spouse, there are some people who have matured in ways that go beyond the surface who make excellent partners. There are certain psychological traits that you and your partner can strive for that will make the flame not only stronger, more passionate, and more fulfilling, but also far less likely to go out the moment the clock strikes midnight. While we each seek out a particular set of qualities that are uniquely meaningful to us alone, there are certain psychological traits that you and your partner can aim for. When we first meet someone, many of these attributes won’t be obvious to us, but as we grow to know the people we date, these are vital qualities to seek for in them and to aspire to in ourselves. Maturity
This assertion does not intend to reiterate the frequently recommended maxim that maturity is crucial. Being “grown up” is more than just changing how you act around children. It’s not about a girlfriend who never gets late or a boyfriend who remembers to take out the trash. These traits are admirable, but to mature fully, we must actively seek to identify and eliminate harmful influences from our past. Thus, a good partner is open to self-reflection and curious in how past experiences shape present-day actions.

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