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6 things that show a man he wants to be with you

It can be difficult to discern a guy’s true motivations when you’re dating him yet you both really click and you can picture a future with. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a serious, committed, and stable relationship, these top six indicators will help you figure out whether he’s also interested in developing a deeper connection with you. The fact that the guy you’re dating confides in you and opens up to you is one of the obvious signs that he wants to be in a relationship. A man is interested in developing your connection further and having something more when he feels secure enough around you to disclose his most private thoughts, be vulnerable, and open up about his past. You can be confident that he wants to be in a relationship with you when he trusts you enough to open up and be completely upfront and honest. He has included you in his social circles, which is another strong indication that he wants to date someone. He clearly wants to have a more serious and meaningful relationship with you if, for example, he invites you to go out with his friends, includes you in family brunches with his parents, and brings you along as a plus one. He’s showing you that you’re important to him by making an effort to involve you in this more private and intimate side of his life, in addition to his friends and family.

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