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7 behaviors that will negatively affect friendship

We may occasionally be able to excuse the behavior of those we love, but there are some actions you might not want to tolerate in a partnership. Arguments or jealousy aren’t the only toxic relationship behaviors. They may also take the form of subtler behaviors that alter how you view the outside world and yourself. You may make choices and take steps to protect yourself by recognizing the relationship dynamics that are harmful to your mental health. The first step in determining whether a relationship is poisonous is awareness. What constitutes a toxic conduct in a relationship may vary depending on a variety of elements, such as your culture, upbringing, and the impact that the behavior has on you. When you gaslight someone, you make them doubt their own sanity, experiences, and reality. One of the most popular methods of emotional manipulation is gaslighting, which you shouldn’t put up with. Finding strategies to counter gaslighting is a good idea. Harsh comments or caustic jokes made about you are examples of humiliation, which is poisonous behavior. While some couples love joking around with one another, harmful remarks or actions that prey on your fears may go beyond simple jokes. Being taken to a far-off island doesn’t always make you alone. Isolation can occasionally take place gradually and surreptitiously over a lengthy period of time. When it does, you frequently don’t realize it until you find yourself without a network of support and cut off from friends and family. Your partner may seem to have an excuse for skipping social activities all the time. Perhaps they gripe that your pals are terrible influences or that your family makes them uneasy. Other times, they can “forget” that you had that important occasion and decide to book a romantic supper instead. Perhaps they become ill just before visiting your cousin, or perhaps they unexpectedly require your assistance on your girls’ night out.

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