7 benefits of washing your face at night

This is an obvious yet essential point. The surface of the skin accumulates dead skin cells, oil, germs, sweat, and other debris throughout the day. Particulate pollution, which is microscopic particles in the air, accumulates on the skin during the day and can be harmful. Consider using a washcloth or a soft sonic cleaning brush to effectively eliminate the filth mixture. Face cleansing before bed prepares the “canvas” for nighttime skincare products. Follow a gentle facial cleanser with an effective moisturizer. The skin is better able to absorb active substances (such as antioxidants or retinols) at night, making it an ideal time to apply them. During sleep, the products can function without interference from the sun, wind, cosmetics application, or other daytime interruptions. Eye makeup must be thoroughly removed. There are many glands surrounding the eyelashes and eyelids. The delicate glands and skin around the eyes might get clogged and inflamed if you wear makeup overnight. The outcome? Irritated, red, and occasionally swollen eyes. Every night, it is best to remove all traces of eye makeup before sleeping. Your nightly bath is an opportunity to care for your skin. There are various varieties of medicated face washes, making them a convenient option to treat the skin. Acne-prone skin benzoyl peroxide cleanser is my personal fave. Although benzoyl peroxide is an effective acne treatment, it can be extremely drying for many people. By utilizing benzoyl peroxide in a cleanser instead of a leave-on lotion, the skin receives its advantages without the irritating side effects.

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