7 mistakes to avoid while drinking water

One of the most important things for our health is water. About 60% of our body is made up of water. Even then, the way we consume water is something we take for granted. Water consumption errors and insufficient amounts can have serious negative effects on health. We’ve all heard it before: “Drink two to three liters of water every day. Some people even recommend eight to ten glasses.” – These are the most widespread lies. Even though we only have a partial understanding of this, we continue to drink water despite not being required to do so. Water should ideally only be consumed when you are truly thirsty. Drinking water when not thirsty can make the brain confused. The swallow reflux aids in helping you gulp down water when you’re thirsty. When you slake your thirst, your body reduces the swallowing reflux. As a result, drinking water when you are not thirsty will be challenging. In an effort to eat quickly or finish our meals, we frequently drink more water during meals. The digestive juices are diluted by it. Don’t hydrate yourself with water before or between meals. It is unhealthy and potentially harmful to consume more water with meals. Drinking too much water while eating can result in undigested food remaining in your stomach, which can cause acid reflux and heartburn. Don’t drink water with your meals. To keep the concentration of your digestive juices and enzymes within a normal range, you should drink water 30 minutes before a meal and 60 to 90 minutes after it. Of course, effective digestion requires a certain amount of water, but that water must come from the food itself, such as buttermilk, soup, or any other liquid food.

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