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7 secrets guys are scared to tell you

He considers your mother, sibling, or best friend attractive. If you find her attractive, he probably will as well. Additionally, he doesn’t want to get into a fight about how it doesn’t matter how you are because it genuinely doesn’t matter to him. However, she is attractive. He dislikes spiders. Despite how horrified he is by the enormous spider in the room, he will have to swallow his fear and kill it. What exactly is that? The Brown Recluse? It will undoubtedly be your fault if the venom paralyzes him. He is anxious about the future. The only thing worse than spiders is making a five-year plan. He is acting in an illogical manner. The furnace is it broken? Yes, he will go down there and hammer on the pipes while looking up “how to fix a furnace” on his phone and holding a wrench in the other hand. There! Fixed. if you’ve gotten heavier. He won’t ever handle this one. He will shift the subject no matter how many times you say, “I think I need to lose weight.” He’ll set his house on fire just to get away from the topic. if he isn’t really interested in your activities. Although the two of you certainly have a lot in common, he does at least one or two things solely for your benefit. He will gush over Scandal with you as you talk about it, and he will hate it till he dies. Some of the things you despise he likes. Sure, when you watched Super Size Me he was all about making a statement and joining you in a boycott of McDonald’s for the sake of unity. He occasionally sneaks a Big Mac into the office. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, cheese, pickles, onions, and tears make up the flavor.

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