7 stylish and married Ethiopian actresses

Do you ever have mornings where you sleep in or lack the motivation to bother getting dressed other than in sweats and t-shirts? Despite the fact that I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and frequently have these days, I try to always look put together, clean, and elegant. It has happened to practically everyone: on that one day when you decide not to wear makeup or iron your clothing, you run into your boss, a potential customer, your ex, or perhaps even that school bully’s ex-girlfriend. Of course, the first thing that happens is that you immediately feel humiliated and regret not spending a bit more time on your appearance. People don’t like to feel embarrassed, so by making an effort to constantly look good, you’ll feel more secure and won’t need to hide in vegetable aisles at the supermarket. You’ll gain more respect from people. People are more likely to respect someone if they appear put together and well-organized, especially at work. Some people might find it difficult to see past someone’s outward appearance and believe that they are genuinely well-organized and competent. You don’t want your accomplishments and work to be overshadowed by how you look.

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