7 things spiritual women do when angry

Anger is a fierce animal. She erupts like a volcano, spewing lava blasts into the sky, with a fury so wild and raw that any attempts to contain her blaze are destroyed. Yes, I refer to rage as “She” due to my personal experience with and research into Dark Goddesses like Kali. But in reality, fury transcends gender, sex, and logic. Anger defends the wild, the primaeval, and the irrational need to be in harmony with our true strength. Anger does not give up easily. She is a tough educator. She instructs us through the darker, more obscure areas where our power is leaking, and she demonstrates how to find the jewels hidden there. Nothing can stand in the way of anger’s force. Things are said that may have been buried for a long time. Expression of emotions that were never given the chance to be seen in the open. What you actually think and feel suddenly floods out when the carpet is unexpectedly raised in an angry moment. If you’ve ever gone through this, you are aware of the harm it can do to your relationships and to you personally. Not because the truth is painful, but because suppressing the truth causes it to rot and acquire the odour of something that has outlived its usefulness. Anger teaches us to deal with our real thoughts and feelings as they come up to prevent them from fermenting.

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