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Interview with Aba Woldeeyesus

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Meeting with Aba Wolde Eyesus on Ethiobeteseb media. melodic history is interested so much that you’d think he lifted it from a direct-to-TV movie. He was walking around the street in Calgary in 2014, where his family had actually moved from Ethiopia, and he happened across a street performer. Immediately, he took out his guitar, plunked down with the busker, and started coordinating. “We should make a band,” the street performer proposed. This affiliation never showed up, yet as demonstrated by Moël, it was this experience that stirred him to transform into a performer.

“It showed me I could go wherever and make something,” he says. For the 24-year-old craftsman performer who by and by stays in Toronto, this sort of story is ordinary. From the manner in which he follows to the music he makes, Moël follows the universe. “Music is at the tip of each second,” he explains. “If you decide to get amped available, it’s an advantage at the tip, and you can seek after it.”Across the two EPs, he’s conveyed to date, 2019’s Kopia and 2020’s Red Sea, Moël has done as of late this. The past is a generous undertaking spilling over with potential, while the last pulls from a more broad grouping of reference center, consolidating contemporary R&B music with the effect of Bob Dylan and sounds from Moël’s neighborhood Ethiopia. Classification Interview Commenting handicapped.

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