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71 years old but attending school with his grandchildren

To succeed in school, your grandson does not need to be the smartest student in the class. Good study abilities and habits, self-confidence, and the capacity to make friends are all required for academic success. And when children’s families encourage their learning at home, they are much more likely to succeed in school. What methods do you use to help your grandchildren with their homework? How can you make them feel more confident in their learning abilities? What should you do if they are having difficulty making friends? Here are some simple suggestions for helping your grandchildren with their schoolwork. Homework can be an effective learning tool for youngsters. The primary goal of homework is to assist students in practicing, reinforcing, or expanding important skills learned throughout the school day. Having a set “homework time” helps your grandchildren grasp the importance of homework. Setting a consistent time reduces disagreements over when to complete the task. The duration is determined by the age of the children and the quantity of homework they typically have. Youngsters who are younger usually require less time than children who are older. Make it clear that the students must finish their homework during the quiet period. If your children don’t have any homework one night, encourage them to use that time reading a book or working on a science project that they are interested in.

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