8 benefits of pumpkin seed

Instead of munching on fried snacks during the monsoon, why not switch to a nutritious snack? While rain does help to cool things off in the summer, a number of illnesses and infections also increase. Therefore, being conscious of what you eat and include nutritious snacks in your diet could greatly aid you in preventing any potential illnesses. Pumpkin seeds are one such food that you can always rely on. Yes, you heard correctly. These power seeds will make munching a healthy activity because they include a range of nutrients, including protein, zinc, copper, and magnesium. Pumpkin seeds, according to the DK Publishing House book Healing Foods, are a good source of protein, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins. The seeds are rich in important fatty acids, which support the maintenance of healthy blood vessels and reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Lokendra Tomar, a nutritionist based in Delhi, says “Because they are a superior source of protein, good fat, and healthy fibre, pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses. Both men and women can enjoy these miracle seeds as healthy snacks. They are the best snacks since they keep you fuller longer. They stifle hunger since each 100 grams of them contains about half of the recommended daily intake of protein and roughly 560 calories. These seeds are a good source of essential minerals such phytosterols, antioxidants, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and copper.”

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