8 foods that makes you age very fast and you should avoid

The two main factors that hasten the aging of our skin are advanced glycation end products and UV exposure. When protein or fat and sugar meet, AGEs are created. Although we can’t completely prevent these aging-causing factors, applying sunscreen and paying attention to your overall diet can help with how our bodies protect and heal our skin. And although while eating healthfully is easier said than done, it never hurts to be reminded of the impact that various meals can have on the condition of your skin. With that, our list can be useful. But keep in mind that each person is distinct. Not everyone will gain from eating entirely raw, unprocessed foods. And consistently consuming one or two of these meals won’t cause your skin to lose all of its elasticity and collagen. Your health will change, whether or not your skin does, if you deviate from the moderate diet that is optimal for you. As a result, read this list with a pinch of salt (pun not intended). Take the knowledge that is most beneficial to you. AGEs are created when protein and refined carbohydrates combine. Both the aging process and chronic diseases are directly impacted by AGEs. White bread and other foods with a high glycemic index can contribute to inflammation in the body, which is directly linked to aging. If you like, consider a bread substitute without added sugar, like sprouted grain breads. Additionally rich in skin-friendly antioxidants are sprouted grains. One infamous candidate for unwelcome skin issues like acne is sugar. As was already established, sugar helps to create AGEs that harm collagen.

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